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What is Nursing

Nursing is an Independent Profession that involves the collaborative care of Individuals, Families, and  Communities of all ages. 

Nursing is about promoting the health of individuals, communities, families of all ages.

Nursing Responsibilities

  • Monitor the patient's condition.

  • Provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the patient.

  • Patient Needs Attorney.

  • Examining the patient's medications before they are presented.

  • Check your doctor's orders and make suggestions if any errors are discovered.

  • Ensure that the patient's privacy and confidentiality are secured.

  • Ensures that the patient fully understands his current diagnosis and how to adapt to new changes in his lifestyle

  • Ensure that the patient's relative knows how to care for the patient outside the hospital (if the patient is elderly, he cannot take care of himself).

  • being updated with new policies.

  • Administer medications as prescribed.

  • Helping doctors during surgery.

  • Attending educational workshops to enhance professional and technical knowledge.

  • Prepare patients before surgery, during surgery, and after surgery.

Nursing Responsibilities

Kuwait nursing is a website about Health Topics and Education Providers. 


Monitor the patient's condition

Patient Support

Provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the patient


Advocate for patient rights and needs 

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